Rob & Kathy Dobrowsky

Robert and Katherine Dobrowsky, both avid endurance riders, have been leading Horse Back Safaris for several years.

Katherine is a FEI Candidate Endurance judge and has been training and riding horses since childhood. She studied Drama, and also did Computer programming.

Rob has farmed for most of his life. Has been involved with horses for the past 15 years, was on the shortest for his National colours for endurance in the 2001 season, and Captain of the Eastern Cape endurance team. Done numerous one day 100 mile rides, is an experienced rider and horse trainer.

We are both accredited SATOUR guides, specializing in Horse Safaris, both qualified First Aid workers having done the St. Johns First Aid courses succesfully. Rob has done an abseiling course, he also speaks the local dialect fluently, Xhosa,and has a vast knowledge of the Xhosa culture and the fauna and flora of the Eastern Cape.

Rob & Kathy conducts EarthFoot's "A Weekof TrailRiding the Wild Coast" program

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