Earthfoot hosts Kristoffer & Leah Everatt

Kristoffer EverattLea Everatt

e're a young familly who devotes our lives to exploration and conservation of the the world's wilderness.  We met in the jungles of Tanzania and make our home in the mountains of the Yukon's sub arctic. 

We've studied biology, art, and aboriginal languages, both through formal education and through non formal teachings of traditional peoples.  We've spent our whole lives caring for and working with animals both domestic and wild, and do most of our wilderness travelling in partnership with different animals. 

We are experts at wilderness survival, and wildlife tracking and observation.   We are currently working on a video documentary about northern Canadian wilderness and a book on tracking, observing , and understanding northern Canadian wildlife.  We live a simple rustic life in a log cabin in the mountains, growing and hunting for much of our food.  Our home is surrounded by our horses and dogs, and a little further out Grizzly bears, mountain goats, moose, and wolves. 

We offer tours because of our desire to share the experience of true wilderness, and wild animals with other people in the hopes of spreading an interest in the preservation of the world's remaining wildernesses. 

Kristoffer & Leah conduct EarthFoot's Trekking, Horse Riding, & Wildlife in the Yukon experience.

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