Björn Jónsson

I like to wander off out of season
trying to discover new places,
curiosities and features of interest
which I can later "show off" especially
to people who are discovering
the High North for the first time.

Bjorn Jonsson

Main field of interest: Travelling in remote areas of Iceland and in the Middle East and Africa. Languages. History especially pre-history, the Stone age, etc. Third world politics, the economics and development issues of East Africa.

Education: Masters degree (D.E.A.) in Economics

Languages: Icelandic, English, French, Danish

Background: Born in Iceland in 1949, Björn spent most of his early years in various fishing villages around the coastline before moving with his parents to Reykjavík, where he graduated from high school in 1969. Keenly interested in the turbulent politics and the clash of ideologies rampant at that time, he decided, after a short stint at the University of Iceland, to pursue his studies at the place where it was all "happening", namely France.

Obtaining a masters degree in 1976, he worked for a further two years on a doctorate thesis in Economics and Philosophy before returning to Iceland where he spent the first two years working as a high school teacher. Shortly thereafter, having decided not to make a career out of teaching, he entered the Iceland Tourist Board's training course for Guides, passed a Diploma for Judicial Translators and Interpreters, and completed a Red Cross Training Course, and thus set off on his self employment career which he has pursued ever since.

The years 1982-'83 saw him as the League of Red Cross Societies delegate in Khartoum, Sudan, the years 1984-1991 as an independent seafood brokerage and commission agent and 1993-'94 as a Humanitarian and Demining Officer for UNOSOM, the United Nations Operation in Somalia. He founded the travel company Valtours Ltd in 1995. Björn has written several articles in Icelandic newspapers and is currently working on several translation and publishing projects, chief among them the first Ancient Greek Grammar in Icelandic

Björn conducts EarthFoot's Week Around Iceland Seeing Lots of Geology tour, plus the Customized Birding Tours Around Iceland program.

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