Earthfoot host Hisdory Jumane

Hisdory Jumane My name is Hisdory Jumane (Dory for short) and I was born in 1978 in Mwanza, near Lake Victoria. I came to live in Zanzibar when I was six years old to join my mum and dad, who worked on the spice plantations. I have been living and working on our small farm in the village of Kizimbani ever since. I live with my mum, Mama Dory, my 15 year old sister Hidaya (who's still at school and has ambitions to become a doctor), and two nephews called Chepa Chepa and Jumane.

Our family has a small spice plantation, and we also grow cassava and keep goats and chickens. Like most people in Zanzibar, we are all members of the Muslim faith. I learnt my English at school, and trained as a spice tour guide with a local company before starting to lead tours on my own. My income from showing visitors around our village and the rest of the island keeps my sister at school and our family supplied with products we can't grow at home. It also allows me to buy medicine if any of us become sick.

When I'm not working my main hobby is DANCING! I love dancing, especially to rap, reggae and African rumba. We have frequent parties in the village for weddings and Muslim festivals and that's when my friends and I get to shake our stuff! My mum loves dancing too, even though she's getting old and fat!

I'm also very interested in computers, a friend of mine has an internet café in Stone Town and I visit him often to learn about different software, surf the internet and check my emails. We don't have TV in our house (no electricity) so the internet is my best way of seeing a world outside Zanzibar and Tanzania.

Hisdory conducts EarthFoot's "Exploring Zanzibar by Foot, Motorbike or Jeep" program

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