Vinicio Perez & Jane Lyons

Vinicio Perez & Jane Lyons Vinicio Perez began birdwatching as a boy in San Miguel de los Bancos, Ecuador. He has always been amazed by the colors and beauty of birds. When at the age of 10 his family moved to Mindo, he had the chance to become better acquainted with the birds especially in the extensive forests on his father's farm located along the Rio Mindo and which is now the home of the Centro de Educacion Ambiental and El Monte. He then worked for the Amigos de la Naturaleza of Mindo and became the first birding guide at Mindo Gardens. In 1994 he was encouraged to open his own birding tourism business and has since been a guide to birders throughout Ecuador. He has also traveled to the United States, Venezuela, and Colombia to study birds. His life list in Ecuador tops 1400 and his amazing ear and memory for bird calls is well-known and highly respected.

Jane Lyons began birding as a child in Austin,Texas and eventually became the Wildlife Coordinator and Manager of the Austin Nature Center. She co-led birding tours to Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Ecuador for Travis Audubon Society and earned a doctorate degree (Ph.D.) at the University of Texas at Austin in Biogeography, with minors in Zoology and Public Affairs, and specializing in bird conservation in Latin America. She worked for the National Audubon Society as the Regional Representative for Texas and Latin America and was especially involved in conservation efforts for the Golden-cheeked Warbler and Black-capped Vireo. She lived in Montevideo, Uruguay where she served as the Director of Natural Resources Programs for the U.S. Peace Corps in Uruguay and Argentina. She then moved to Quito, Ecuador and served as the Head of the Americas Division for BirdLife International. She has birded extensively throughout North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and parts of Africa. In 1999 she retired from the world of office work, reports and meetings to move to Mindo to assist in her husband's growing birding business.

Vinicio & Jane conduct EarthFoot's Birding from the "Birdwatchers' House" in the Northwestern Uplands near Mindo experience.