Earthfoot host Todd Walsh

Todd WalshTodd spent much of his life in the wild rivers and creeks of North West Tasmania. He has been involved in lobster fishing almost all his life and comes from a long line of bushmen, who walked into remote areas searching for the giant lobsters. Todd has been involved in lobster conservation for many years and believes that the lobster is the icon species needed to preserve the world class river systems of North West Tasmania. Todd has an Associate Diploma in Applied Science and has studied Aquatic Ecology and Aquatic Technology at a tertiary level.  Donna and Todd Walsh (and now baby Erin) are the only people in the world that carry out the giant freshwater lobster population monitoring program

Todd has endeavoured to not only preserve the lobster, but to help repair the rivers, many of which are in poor condition in the lobster's range. Todd believes that the lobster can be a flagship and a focus for people when examining river health. His philosophy is to repair the habitat and protect the lobster.

Todd created a website for the lobster in 1998, to inform the world that this animal existed . The website is an informative one with photos showing the size of the lobster. There is a guestbook that visitors can sign and view. To date more than 70 000 people have visited the site, with almost 1500 "hits" per month now and increasing. The guestbook has had more than 700 signings. The website has also won an international award (it was named a "Top Rod Site" by a major Canadian fishing program).

Todd believes that Tasmania is going through a huge change in environmental values and river rehabilitation is being undertaken on a large scale. The lobster inhabits almost all the waterways in northern Tasmania and so river rehabilitation has given the lobster a flagship status. The lobster is the first animal mentioned when any river conservation projects are planned. The lobster has gone from being virtually unknown in many walks of life to becoming one of Tasmania's well-known animals. Todd hopes and believes that the lobster will eventually assume it's rightful (according to Todd) place alongside the Thylacine and the Tasmanian Devil as an animal that is recognised world wide as a spectacular animal.

Todd conducts EarthFoot's Visiting the Giant Tasmanian Freshwater Lobster program.

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