this is a proud male stork

EarthFoot's Dozen
Newest Programs

  1. Agay, along the French Riviera: Self-catering aptm. near the Massif Esterel National Park

  2. Panama: Panama Birding Tours with Jose Garcia

  3. Coming Up!// In Alleppey, Kerala- India: The Pamba Heritage Villa

  4. Queensland, Australia: Quamby Falls Lodge - In the Border Ranges

  5. Florida, USA: Wildlife and nature photography, Florida Everglades

  6. Around Lubec - Maine, USA: Lighthouses, Sightseeing, Nature Walks & Birding

  7. In Baja California Sur, Mexico: Explore the Sierra de la Laguna

  8. In the North of Southern Island, New Zealand: Pujjis Wellness Retreat

  9. South Africa: Joy of Nature Tour

  10. New Zealand: Special features of native plants around Whangaroa

  11. Mexico: Lodging at Hacienda San Juan

  12. Scotland: Evergreen Loch Ness "Bed and Breakfast in the Highlands"

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