A Tent Camp on
Chilika Lagoon

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  • US $ 80 per person for 2 Days and 1 Night stay including  food, transfer ( from nearest rail station/airport to camp and back), lodging and local site seeing on the lake by our boat as offered in the 1 night 2 days package. This rate will apply for groups numbering 1 to 7. From group size 8 upwards, there will be rebate/reductions
  • Tent Tent Hire per night/pax. Quadruple occupancy/ $10
  • Whole Tent Hire per night/ $40
  • All standard meals, tea/coffee, for 24 hours/ $15
  • Boating 12 seater boat or 8 seater Raft , OBM power, fuel & boat, driver/ $15 / hour

Host: Shomnath Chakravarty

When: Anytime

Length: Any length of stay is welcome

Number of guests: One or more

Fee: The fee varies, depending on group size and activities chosen. However, to give an idea of the costs, check out the box at the right. Remember that check-out time 1600 hrs.

heading toward campWe are flexible as to how guests may visit the camp. We provide our services in various ways to cater to the needs of guest attitudes. Some may like to have just accommodation and meals; they may simply hire the tent-nights and pay at site for meals, boating and transfer as they avail them. Others may like to have an entire pre planned package, so we have Day Packages, 2 Days 1 Night packages, 3 Days 2 Nights Packages and 4 Days 3 Nights Packages. Yet others may like us to plan out customised trips for them, which may include boat trips to various interesting spots on Chilika Lake, or road trips to Puri, Gopalpur, Taptapani, Daringbari, Taratarini, Rushikulya Olive Ridley Turtle Rookery etc.

The Chilika lagoon is located in the eastern state of Orissa, India, between 1928' and 1954' North latitude and 8505' and 8538' East longitudes. It extends from Southwest corner of Puri and Khurda districts to the adjoining Ganjam District of Orissa State. It's expanse (over 1000 sq.km) makes it a prominent landmark on any satellite image of India. While the eastern and north eastern shores of the lagoon are essentially flat with various rivulet delta and sand spits, the south and south west are surrounded by the Eastern Ghat hills.

It is well connected by Air, Rail and Roads. The town of Rambha (District: Ganjam) on southern Chilika is ( by road; National Highway 5) 130 km from Biju Patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar; 30 km from Balugan and 50 km from Behrampur ( both these towns have important Railway Stations of India's South Eastern Railway). Rambha town also has a small railway station.

large tentsoutside the tentrooms in tent

The tents have been provided with proper beds, carpet, attached toilets, running water, electricity, kitchen and restaurant. An unique 'conference hall' has been added for those who mix work and leisure. Though there is no TV, radio, newspaper or any such drags of city life, it is connected by cordless telephone to the national telephone network.

boatOur boats are comfortable, covered, unsinkable, FRP boats for 12 guests each, powered by Yamaha OBMs. For the long distances to be covered on the lake, these boats are ideal for the young and old alike. And we provide full safety; life jacket for each guest, life belts, local 'nulia' (fishermen) who know this lake from birth are our boat pilots (and they swim like fish). 


  • Rambha is an excellent destination situated at the southern end of the Lagoon. It comprises of a number of inviting islands with vast stretch of blue water. The jetty near OTDC Panthanivas at Rambha is the pick-up point by Saga boats for Saga's Tent Camp.
  • The Sonakuda Island is located in the Rambha Bay, about 6 km inlake from Rambha Jetty, south west of Badakuda (also known as Honeymoon) and Somolo Islands. Sonnakuda is a beautiful pear shaped island, about 1 km long, with km maximum width. Rocky but green with shrubbery, it is the quiet abode of a few local fisher folk households. The Saga Eco Camp is on it’s south western face.
  • The Nalaban Island within the Lake is notified as a Bird Sanctuary under Wildlife (Protection) Act and during winter, migratory birds from distant lands as far as Siberia congregate on this marshy island. Sometimes there are over 2 millions of them and it is indeed one of the prize destinations especially for the eco tourists. Some of the Star attractions in winter are Flamingos, Grey and Purple Herons, Egrets, Spoonbills, Storks and White Ibis which are all seen around Nalban and on the Birds' Island. 
  • The Becon Island located at 3.0 kms away from Rambha is an architectural marvel with a conical pillar and a small room constructed on a submerged mass of rock in the Rambha bay near Ghantasila hill. Mr. Snodgrass built this and used to relax and do office work on this island. The ornamental pillar was constructed to put a light on the top.
  • The Honeymoon Island is situated only 3 kms from Saga Eco Camp. It is otherwise known as "Barakuda Island". This was one of the favourite hangout spots during the days of the Raj. The water around the island is very clear & dark blue in colour. Dr.Anandale & Kemp recorded the limbless lizard from this island.
  • The main Kalijai temple on an island in central Chilika is an oft visited destination of the tourists. Goddess Kalijai is the  venerated  icon of Chilika. There is a tragic  folklore about how an young bride had drowned on this lake and subsequently resurrected as the godmother to protect all who live and use this lake. There are other smaller Kalijai temples on and around the lake.
  • Lonely sea beach : The spit of the Chilika lagoon harbours some of the most beautiful golden sea beaches on the Bay of Bengal. It remains beautiful, and clean, as access is difficult and visitors rare. Besides few, if any, local fisher folk, sons and daughters of nature, going about their harsh livelihood with nets and sail boats, one only finds miles of quiet, golden beach. The turquoise blue of the Bay of Bengal, the roar of the surf and the murmurs of leaves in casuarinas lining the beach set up a rare ambience for your rendezvous with nature.
  • Bird IslandThe Birds’ Island, located only about 4 km south of the Saga Eco Camp and 1 km away on the Eastern side of the Ghantasila hill, is a hillock with huge exposed hanging  rocks. The island is covered with herbs, shrubs, trees and creepers. The granite rocks are the remnants of Eastern Ghats.  Some of the huge rocks are painted white because of the folic acid from the droppings of the Birds.  Some residential birds use the island as perching ground.  During winter season, the migratory birds are sighted here.  It is known for its rich algal communities and few mangrove species.


Arrival Day 1
   0700 : At Rambha Jetty. Embark Saga Boat for transfer to camp.
   0800 : Arrival Saga Camp. Tea/Coffee. Tent allocation. Wash up.
   0900 : Breakfast.
   0930 : Rest. Enjoy the camp site and go around Sonakuda island.
   1330 : camp restaurantLunch. 
   1600 : Tea.
   1630 : Fishing trip in country boat and enjoy sunset. 
   2030 : Dinner. Night stay at camp.

 Day 2
   0600 : Morning Tea.
   0700 : Breakfast.
   0800 : Leave for sea face. The transfer to sea face will be either by boat & forest trek or Rambha jetty - bus trip - forest trek depending on availability of water reroute to sea. Bathing & Picnic lunch on the beach. 
   1530 : Start back for Camp.
   1700 : Arrive back to Camp.
   1830 : Tea / Snacks.
   2030 : Dinner and night stay at camp. 

 Day 3
   0600 : Morning Tea.
   0700 : Breakfast.
   0800 : Departure for any one of the following trips: 
       EITHER To Rambha Jetty by Saga Boat- by car/trekker/minibus to 
       Taptapani or Taratarini-lunch at site- return Rambha Jetty 1630- by Saga Boat to camp.
       OR To Kalijai-Nalaban-Honeymoon Island trip by boat 5-1/2 hrs boat journey. Return to camp at 1430 hrs for late lunch.
   1630 : Tea.
   1930 : Camp Fire or local cultural show
   2130 : Dinner.

 Day 4
   0600 : Morning Tea.
   0800 : Breakfast at camp.
   0830 : Depart from Camp. This will be the day for Adventure activities at foothills near Ghantasilla, where guests do hill climbing, bird watching, swimming, rafting. 
   1300 : Return to Camp. LUNCH. 
   1600 : Departure from Camp and transfer back by boat to Rambha Jetty.


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