Walking Tour among
Villages of the Ga & Twi Tribes in Ghana

Joseph on tour with client

Host: Joseph Adjei

When: Anytime during the week

Length: A Four-Day visit is proposed

Fee Charged: (as of 2005) The most interesting idea is Joseph's proposal that a visitor stay a whole month for deep cultural immersion, for a cost of US $450 for food and lodging. The price of the following walking program is to be arranged with Joseph via e-mail at the bottom of this page. The costs will cover food, accommondation with the host family, and guiding fee, and will be similarly modest.

We will visit the villages of Shahills, Pantang, Abokobi, Ojumanko, Kokobin, Akim odan, Buti-falls, and Pamprah. Examples of some of the activities that go on in some of the mentioned villages are as follow:

  • Shahills: a village where many animals like monkeys are in the bush trained to welcome visitors. Some of them also understand the English language, as when you ask them to shake hands with you. They also know some of the traditional languages.

  • Akim odan: a village used to be providing most regions in Ghana with an alchoholic drinks locally called by the Ga tribe akpeteshie and by the Twi tribe apeteshie. You will learn from the village members how to prepare such an alchoholic drink, types of herbs and materials being used.

  • Pamprah: a village owned by some of the branches of the Ga tribe called (1) New-nungo (2) Old-nungo (3) Fienya (4) Adotey-mann and Jen kekewoyoo. Below are some of the activities that go on in some of the branches of the Ga tribe:

    • New-nungo: people of the said village create thier own masks from animal skulls. These are used to cover faces to perform traditional festival by dancing in traditional ways in the chief palace

    • Jen kekewoyoo: also a village where the village members prepare palm-wine. Palm-wine is a white liquid prepared from a palm tree to serve many people in the villages. It tastes sweet and contains average percentage of alchohol. It is also known to many foriegners as "palms."

    • Buti-falls: a village beside a forest where different types of animals come out of the forest to relax and return to the forest again. Also in the same village, there is a long water fall at all times between 89 to 90 feet on the rocks on top of the mountain.
Our visits will take place in the various villages for four days during the week. Visitors will be staying with a host family in the same village where your guide lives, in Ashaman, about 25 to 26 miles away from Kotoka International Airport.

Visitors will only pay food, accommondation and trips to the various villages.


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