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When: Anytime during the year. All excursions conducted in mornings only Mondays thru Saturdays.

Length: All outings (except Private) are conducted in the mornings and last 4˝ - 5 hours.

Number of guests: 12 persons max. group size (usually average 4-6 per tour).

Fee (as of 2006): Depending on the tour: US $50 to $55 per adult, US$ 40 to $45 per child 12 years and under. Prices given below.
Cost includes guide service, pickup & return transport, light snacks and local drink. Pickups from Seven Mile Beach and George Town area between 7:30 - 8:30 AM, returning 12:30 - 1:00 PM.
Cash or travellers cheques only.
Group discounts & Private tours available.

Where are the Cayman Islands?little house on white sand


WoodpeckerHere we visit a cross-section of the island’s avian habitats in search of Cayman’s local and migratory bird life. Sightings of the peculiar variety of Cayman’s bird life depend on weather, accessibility, bird movements and customers’ preference. Popular sites include:

  • Governor Michael Gore Bird Sanctuary- easily accessible, freshwater pond attracts bird life from near and far. An attraction for local and migratory species.
  • Meagre Bay Pond- roadside accessible saltwater lagoon. Waterfowl abound in this Animal Sanctuary.
  • Willie Ebanks’ Farm- bordering Malportas Pond in North Side. This is a haven for the endangered West Indian Whistling Duck; Cayman’s only native duck species.

This tour costs US$55 per adult, $45 per child (12 & under).


Trail through forest The Mastic Trail is a 2 1/2 - 3 Hour tour through the Mastic Reserve, the 2nd largest nature reserve on the island. This reserve is roughly 400 acres and was designed to protect one of the last stands of virgin undisturbed Dry Evergreen Woodland left on the island (and the region for that matter). It traverses the "Mountain"- at 60 feet elevation it is the highest point on Grand Cayman, and the only place on the island where rare and magnificent Mastic trees can still be found.

In April 1995 the National Trust re-opened the 150-year-old Mastic Trail- a traditional overland footpath that connected the North and South coast communities for logging and trade. The Trail complements its "little sister" (60 acre) reserve the Q E II Botanic Park, literally just across the road. Whereas the Botanic Park is a much more "user friendly" experience with signs, gravel paths, bathrooms, etc. The Mastic Reserve is totally wild! Your guide takes you along a rocky winding trail through a variety of habitats, pointing out wildlife like Cayman Parrots above and Soldier Crabs below, historic sites such as the Mastic Bridge, and other points of interest like the abundant Orchids and Bromeliads, giant Strangler Fig trees, Giraffe Trees, medicinal plants, Sinkholes and of course, Mastic trees.

The walk is rugged, but not difficult and the pace accommodates ages 6 - adult. However, it is not recommended for toddlers or persons with physical or medical conditions that restrict strenuous physical activity. Sensible walking shoes are necessary (running shoes will work)- as long as you don't mind getting them dirty or wet (depending on weather). 90% of the walk is under forest cover, so sun protection is not a major issue. Your guide will provide insect repellent as necessary and carries binoculars and a camera for those "Kodak moments". Light refreshments are served at the conclusion of the excursion.

This Tour costs US$50 per adult, $40 per child (12 & under).


This park is a unique blend of natural beauty, culture and history. Phase I is dedicated to showcasing Cayman’s native flora. Phase II combines the simple elegance of a traditional Caymanian garden with the startling beauty of an exotic floral display. Tours are divided into 2 categories:

  • THE HISTORIC ROUTE: We visit historic sites such as Watler’s Cemetery and Bodden Town- home of the Guardhouse, the Slave Wall and some of Cayman’s oldest traditional architecture. At the Botanic Park we look at the natural materials and environment that shaped the old time Caymanian way of life.
  • THE ENVIRONMENTAL ROUTE: We travel to the Governor Michael Gore Bird Sanctuary in Spotts-Newlands, and to Meagre Bay Pond Sanctuary. At the Botanic Park, the Woodland Trail provides excellent nature-watching opportunities.

This Tour costs US$55 per adult, $45 per child (12 & under).



This unique driving excursion takes you to rural East Cayman for a glimpse into the old-time Cayman lifestyle. Visit the traditional Watler’s Cemetery at Old Prospect. Explore the traditional architecture of Bodden Town, Cayman’s first capital of 200 years ago. After we explore the hidden historic features of Bodden Town, we go on to East End- site of the famous Blow Holes, the Lighthouse Park and the celebrated Wreck of the Ten Sail Historic Site. There is also birding, and visits to geology sites and traditional agriculture

This Tour costs US$50 per adult, $40 per child (12 & under).



(Customised Tours: 1-on-1, exclusive group/family of 4 or less)

Costs US$50 per hour.


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