Getting from Manila to El Nido

mapYou can see on the map at the right that we are on an island across the waters from the town of El Nido, which has the closest airport to us.  We'll collect you at El Nido, and bring you across by boat.  The following plans give you a general idea of how much getting to El Nido costs, and what the options are.  Please note that prices change, and that service can offer surprises.  The following describes access between Manila and Malapacao. There are 8 plans, each of which is discussed below the chart.


Plan 1 via El Nido Airport (direct plane)
Soriano Aviation Daily 7 am and 3 pm $115 1 hr. 10
Plan 2 via See below  
Plan 3 via Coron -Liminangcong (plane/ship)
Asian Spirit, Pacific Air, Grand Air, Seair & Air Ads  Daily (overnight in Coron) $50 approx 1 hr.
Then MV Salve Juliana  Tuesday only 8 am $6  6 hrs.
Then Mira's boat   $20 1 hr.
Plan 4 via Coron - El Nido (plane/banca)
See plan 3 Then Bandida banca  Friday only 6 am $ 25 8 hrs.
Plan 5 via Liminangcong (ship)
MV Salve Juliana Pier 8 North Harbour Manila Monday 3pm $18 25 hrs.
Then as above plan 3 ( MV Salve returns to Manila Wednesday)
Plan 6 via Puerto – Sabang- El Nido (plane/bus/ship)
See plan 2  (overnight in Puerto)  
Take "Go Travel’s" Aircon bus Daily 7 am (overnight in Sabang) $8 2 hrs.
Then take Arlex 3, Sea Wise or other bancas to El Nido $23 7 hrs.
Plan 7 via  Puerto- El Nido (plane/jeep)
See plan 2  (overnight in Puerto)    
Then regular or charted jeep    $10-$210 8-10 hrs.
Plan 8 via  Puerto- Taytay (plane/jeep/banca)
See plan 2  (overnight in Puerto)  
Then regular or charted jeep  (overnight in Puerto) $4-$150 6-9 hrs.
Then Mira's boat (if expected) (tricycle to Agpay) $40 2 hrs.
Air Soriano (632) 8314207 PAL (632) 816 6691 to 96 Pacific Air (632) 832-2731
Air Philippines (632) 526 4741 Asian Spirit (632) 840-3811 Air Adds (632) 833-3264

My Puerto Princesa agent will waitlist you on Soriano. Usually confirmations come within 5 days of departure. State your time of arrival in Manila & if & where you will stay. If not confirmed on arrival, go directly to Soriano’s Hanger (Andrews Ave. Pasay) for their 3:30 pm or 7:30 am flight. Chance passengers are not uncommon. If successful, ask Maris or Myla the Soriano Airport Managers (give them P20) to call Rey or contact us here on the island via SSB radio 7.990 to collect you from El Nido Airport. Otherwise take a tricycle ($5) to our town office (20 min.)

Golden Passage Seair flights Manila Coron El Nido Puerto El Nido Coron Manila every Sunday, Tuesday & Friday. Just call us & we'll arrange everything for you. These flights are cheaper than Soriano & easier to confirm

PLANS 3, 4 & 5:
This is the cheapest way from Manila via Coron (Busuanga Isl.). The MV Salve schedule is always reliable but not so Bandida in slow season.

PLANS 6, 7 & 8:
The easiest way from Puerto is via aircon bus to Sabang then the Sea Wise or Arlex 3 boat from Sabang to El Nido. (the Sea Wise is more reliable). There are other boats you can hire.

If coming via Sabang, Port Barton or Taytay ask the boatman to drop you at Malapacao (pay extra). You’ll save 2-3 hrs. of delay.

Be patient if travelling by regular jeep, breakdowns are common.

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