Riding Arabian Horses
in the Klein Karoo

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Hosts: Evan & Liz Davies

When: In contrast to other EarthFoot tours, these rides are scheduled. They leave every two weeks throughout the year except in the very hot months of December, January and February. Please find out from us when our trails depart.  I have had to fix dates because we stay in and cross other people's property.  Some don't want us on weekends for example, and I know that my horses couldn't do two rides in a row - they would lose weight and condition. They need the break in between. These rides are still private, however -- others won't be joining us unless you invite them.

Length of trail: 4 days, covering 150Km.

Maximum numbers: We have 4 horses

Languages: English and German

Fee charged: For a four-day trek across the Karoo, 500 USD per person pays for horse, guide, accommodation, food, wine, great views and fireside conversation under the stars.

What to bring: The bare minimum (Your horse must carry it) including:

  • one set of riding breeches
  • shoes to ride and walk in (riding boots not recommended)
  • a long sleeved collared shirt to get dirty riding every day
  • a thick jersey in winter only
  • a light raincoat in the unlikely event of rain
  • a set of comfortable clothes to relax in in the evenings
  • lightweight toiletries
  • small towel
  • camera or small video (these get heavy and awkward on horseback)

Description: This riding trail is for experienced riders who want a free rein. We cross open plains, river valleys, mountain slopes and rocky canyons and move at a good, brisk pace, sometimes trotting, sometimes cantering, walking only where the ground is very rough. Our spirited and comfortable Arabians are ideally suited to eating up the distances effortlessly and eagerly. These rides can be part of the homestay experience we offer on another page.

Accommodation on the trail: We stay at a different farmhouse every night, in informal circumstances. Our hosts will provide hearty (and plentiful) homemade fare, along with local wines and fruits.

The tack: We ride in fulmer snaffles and McLelland saddles. These were invented by General McLelland in the Civil War for the cavalry of the Army of the Potomac. Although virtually unknown in America today, they are very popular as an endurance riding saddle in South Africa, the only country that still produces them. Covered with sheepskin, they are sinfully comfortable.

The horses: All are purebred Arabians, selected for their easy temperament and trained in basic European aids.

Showing off the horses off

The kind of trails we have

Note the horse in the valley below, for scale


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