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In Brazil:

An EarthFoot tour conducted by the Guató Peole in Brazil is being assisted by Terry Reynolds, an airline pilot who does what he can to assist the tribe toward becoming self sufficient. He is prepared to provide the right person free transportation between the US and Brazil, and to pay basic living expenses for that person for a year while he or she helps the Guató set up an ecotourism infrastructure. Not only might this help the Guató, but it could also launch the volunteer into a career in ectourism. If you are interested in this idea, first read our page introducing the Guató people, then see the ecotour program they are offering, and if you think you might want to get involved then Contact Terry Reynolds via e-mail.


In Guyana:

Host Damon Corrie, Chief of the Pan-Tribal Confederacy of Amerindian Tribal Nations, currently seeks support for two program: 1) To create a School for Arawak Culture, and: 2)  To conduct an Iguana Re-Introduction Project.  Both of these projects may be reviewed on the Web.

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