Work Exchange Programs
With EarthFoot Hosts

(exchange your work for free ecotour experiences)




In Canada:

We have a letter form Laura Rutter in Alberta, who conducts several programs with EarthFoot, proposing workstay under the following conditions:

  • Kind of work:  hiking guide (day trips) and general maintenance
  • Time-frame:  4 months
  • Offering:  Room and board, use of the company vehicle
  • Not included:  extra-curricular entertainment (i.e., nights in town), transportation to Edmonton (nearest international airport), personal gear (hiking boots, raingear, etc.)
  • Discomforts/dangers:  rustic staff accommodations (camp trailer), bear encounters, CWM weather (cold, wet, miserable)
  • Kind of person:  one, outdoor oriented, physically active, good people skills (I can teach the particulars of hiking/trails/flora and fauna to the right person)
  • Behaviors not welcome:  No drugs, social alcohol consumption (limited)
  • Insurance:  Person should have a valid International Driver's License and carry their own medical insurance.  The 'Escape covers general liability.
  • Expiration date:  Offer good for the summer season of 2003 (June through September)
  • Email address:

In Costa Rica:

We have this letter from Kurt Schmack at La Laguna del Lagarto Lodge where EarthFoot host Oscar Enrique Artavia Munguia offers his program:

Dear Jim:

We would like to post for volunteer worker under the following conditions:

1) Kind of work:

  • To guide tourists on forest walks and boat tours.
  • To assist the managment in the bar and restaurant service

2) Volunteer should be able to stay for a period of 6-9 weeks

3) We offer free room, board and laundry service. Room directly at the lodge.

4) Not included: Transportation from/to country of origin. Insurance

5) Candidate should have basic knowledge and interest in tropical biology and ornithology. He/She should be between 20-35 years old. He/She should be  able to make long walks in hot humid weather, and in some times steep terrain. He/She should be able to live in an isolated place.

6) Offer all year long.

7) Contact: La Laguna del Lagarto Lodge:  Kurt Schmack

With best regards,
Kurt Schmack
La Laguna del Lagarto Lodge

In India:

Sanjay in Orissa on India's eastern coast offers EarthFoot's innovative "Eco-Ethno Spirituality with the Rangers Backpacker Community near Puri" program. He writes us:

I am looking for people who can design beach trekking and bushwalking trails, look after the coffee shop, train us about surfing. The time of stay depends upon the visitor. I offer free stay and food (like lunch and dinner only). There are risk of mosquitos, insects only. I am looking for freethinkers and nature lovers. Alcohol is prohibited. Rest is ok.


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